NWA Workplaces | NWA Workplaces is Bentonville’s premier locally owned and operated Co- Working office space. Offering private offices, shared spaces, meeting rooms, podcast booths and virtual offices across two locations in downtown Bentonville and north Bentonville/Bella Vista, NWA Workplaces gives local small business owners and remote workers a place to spend the workday while forging connection and community. Because WORKING ALONE SUCKS!

NWA Workplaces began in 2015 almost by accident. Following a successful run in internet marketing and website design with 455 Media Group, Owner and Founder Jon Cadieux switched gears and found himself working on his own surrounded by empty offices in a desirable location in downtown Bentonville. Friends would stop by and notice the space going unused, and ask if they could pay him to work from one of the spare rooms. One by one, those offices filled up. Bentonville Workplace was born. (Rumor has it the lobby features one of the first iterations of the now famous Oz Trails sunset logo, so painted because NWA Trailblazers held down one of the first private offices. But like the CIA, we can neither confirm nor deny this.)

As an entrepreneur, Jon has experienced the hopelessness of tight cash flow, the highs of a well executed plan, the lows of an economic collapse, and the invigoration of working with business owners who had the tenacity and drive to propel themselves forward to success. When necessary, Jon was there to lift others who needed support, lend encouragement and, at times, start a hard conversation about business viability.

Fast forward to 2024. NWA Workplaces spans two locations, each with its own personality. Downtown leans more corporate, is located in an office park, and is just steps away from the new WMHO. The north location, while technically not in Bella Vista, still benefits from that proximity, and attracts a mix of startups, remote tech workers, small businesses, and large corporations that need a local HQ with minimum overhead and a flexible commitment.  The coffee flows freely - and literally for free - at NWA Workplaces. Both locations are bike friendly, offering direct access to the Razorback Greenway, as well as bike hooks in the lobby and free e-bike charging.

As the sole employee of NWA Workplaces, Community Manager Cynthia Maggard works to make sure each member and guest feels welcome and at home. Her dedication to building and growing the community has led to numerous partnerships and friendships among the members at both locations.