Be Seen. Be Heard. Be Supported.

The NWA Girl Gang

Think of us like ... "adult girl scouts" ... for real!

Built on foundation of accessibility and anti-oppression, we exist to provide support and unique opportunities to marginalized communities in Arkansas and beyond.

We aim to collaborate with like-minded community organizations, community leaders, and grass roots organizers to create educational, entrepreneurial, recreational, radical care, and mutual aid opportunities that promotes social justice, equality, and accessibility through community integration and fellowship.

We are the


NWA Girl Gang exists to serve marginalized communities. 


Our mission is to provide accessible, inclusive, and equitable opportunities that support women (cisgender and transgender) and nonbinary individuals of ALL ABILITIES through community events, entrepreneurial opportunities, programming, and volunteerism.

Our purpose is to celebrate intersectionality, uplift, and empower those that seek to feel seen, included, and valued in their communities, and to provide visibility to underrepresented voices.

We aim to collaborate with like-minded organizations, community partners, grass roots movements, and volunteer to promote inclusivity through community integration in Northwest Arkansas and beyond.

Who Do We Support?

Women (cisgender and transgender) and nonbinary individuals, no matter their sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, abilities, physical differences, size, social economic status, religion, or current health status of ages 18 years or older.

Please note. While our opportunities are created and designed for women and nonbinary individuals, our events are all inclusive and open to the public, no matter your gender.