The foundations for our organization.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide accessible ( least restrictive environments), inclusive, and equitable opportunities that support women (cisgender and transgender) and nonbinary individuals of all abilities and disabilities through community events, social and networking, entrepreneurship, programming, recreational, mutual aid, and radical care opportunities.

Our purpose is to celebrate intersectionality, uplift, and empower those that seek to feel seen, included, and valued in their communities, and to provide visibility to underrepresented & marginalized voices through representation, shared experiences, education, and collaboration.

Rooted in anti-oppression, NWA Girl Gang aims to partner with like-minded community organizations, community leaders, and grassroots organizers to educate, strengthen, and collectively build an inclusive community in Northwest Arkansas and nationwide.

Who Do We Support

We exist to support women (cisgender and transgender), nonbinary individuals, and those historically harmed by the patriarchy, no matter their sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, abilities, physical differences, size, social economic status, religion, or current health status for ages 18 years or older. Minors may attend accompanied by a parent, guardian, or trusted adult. Child care is available at select events and gatherings.

PLEASE NOTE! While our opportunities and events are intentionally created to support ( cis & trans ) women, nonbinary individuals, and those historically harmed by the patriarchy, they are ALL-INCLUSIVE and open to the public for those that will acknowledge and can uphold our community space agreement addressed at every in-person and virtual gathering.




Disheartened and frustrated with the lack of representation and opportunities for children and adults living with disabilities in Northwest Arkansas, former New Yorker, mother, creative professional, and NWA Girl Gang founder Rachel Fox, cultivated the idea that she could establish a more inclusive and equitable future for her daughter Eva, born with Down Syndrome.

Rachel envisioned a future that provided Eva with a sense of belonging, support, and experiences that welcomed Eva into community spaces, places, and activities. A future that provided Eva with equal opportunities and rights, no matter her disabilities. Rachel was inspired through her work in representation in media and advertisement, disability advocacy, and her experiences with the Girl Scouts of the USA to pioneer a highly engaged community that has supported over 10K+ diverse individuals since 2018, known as the NWA Girl Gang.