To keep all this going strong.

Donor Program

Want to make a BIG difference in our community? Join our new DONOR PROGRAM that mutually benefits our organization, small business, local creatives AND, our community by becoming a DONOR today! This program offers YOU exclusive perks and incentives featuring our NWA Girl Gang DONOR CARD, giving you special discounts to shop local creatives and small businesses in person and online! WAIT ... THERE'S MORE!

Additionally, EXCLUSIVE to you :

- Swag
- Mini gifts & Giveaways ( highlighting local artists and businesses )
- Discounted tickets for events ( and other community events through our community partnerships )
- Special Gatherings

Your gift will directly fund our programming and events that have supported over 10K community members since 2018. THAT should make you feel really good! We also hope to lead by example by creating mission-driven and community-centered fundraising efforts. Sign up below if you're ready to have some FUN and show your support! Thank you so much for your consideration and dedication.

*Please Note: Online shopping and free shipping codes will be emailed when you sign up for the program.


Consider donating TODAY, because our organization currently does not have operational funding to continue this impactful work. Your donations are integral for the sustainability of our 501(c)3 nonprofit and go directly towards the individuals we support! NWAGG has served thousands of community members since 2018. Help us to see our five year anniversary as a community and organization!