Community Standards

We acknowledge that we gather, create, and participate in commerce on the ancestral lands of Quapaw, Caddo, and Osage people. We honor and respect these Indigenous people and their legacy.  We also acknowledge the painful history of enslaved labor that was an integral part of the establishment and growth of this region’s economy. We recognize and deeply regret the immeasurable suffering and generational trauma inflicted upon Indigenous people, enslaved people, and their descendants.


NWA Girl Gang is the only 501(c)(3) nonprofit in Arkansas that is creating communal experiences that support the authentic participation of the disability community within society as a whole. By properly addressing accessibility from the lens of disability/neurodiverse advocacy and other marginalized identities, we help ensure that a person has equal access to a given place, space, environment, structure, or activity. Only then can we foster Authentic participation from an individual regardless of race, ethnicity, abilities, disabilities, physical differences, size, socio-economic status, religion, or current health status.

NWA Girl Gang events are inclusive and open to the public. We ask that all who choose to participate in NWA Girl Gang events adhere to our NWA Girl Gang Belonging Statement. Our Belonging Statement aims to center the needs of our intended community stakeholders.

Belonging Statement

Imagine - if you wanted to curate an experience where a blind person, parents of a nonverbal child with Autism, adults with Downs Syndrome, Black women, queer men, senior citizens, wheelchair users, and 500 more people from the neighborhood can all feel welcome and participate in the activities and entertainment, where would you begin in the planning process? We aim to foster authentic participation from people with all kinds of unique needs. NWA Girl Gang is fiercely committed to minimizing the barriers in the way of making that possible.

We Belive In

Not tolerating racial violence towards racial and ethnic individuals and communities, including but not limited to overt physical violence, and micro-aggressions, (more examples here)

Solidarity to end discrimination and violence towards the TLGBQIA+ community, Trans community, Deaf community, disability community, and neurodiverse community

Supporting those that are rooted in work for reproductive rights, health care equality, radical care, and mutual aid

Accommodating authentic participation for those with communication differences such as those that are Deaf, disabled, neurodiverse

Supporting first/primary languages

Raising awareness concerning individual, institutional, and systemic oppression within our communities

Sharing our resources and encouraging others to share their resources as well

In summary, NWAGG is united in the collective struggle to end white supremacy and its tenants of patriarchy, homophobia, transphobia, poverty, ageism, capitalism, and ableism.

Collective Participation

In order for NWAGG to create a space of belonging, it requires your involvement. Your attendance at any NWAGG-sponsored and/or associated event requires your strongest awareness and behavior for the following:

Be present in the moment.

Honor your body and emotions and be respectful of everyone’s emotional boundaries.

Exercise vulnerability.

Be patient and gentle with yourself and others.

Take breaks from social settings or activities as needed.

Don’t let FOMO (fear of missing out) obscure your needs.

Active attention is encouraged. Silence is also welcome.

Respect and be open to different learning styles, communication, experiences, and opinions.

Don’t make assumptions.

Check-in with others before discussing topics that may be triggering or traumatic to others.

Be mindful of your privileges and prejudices.


We encourage everyone to share with us your mobility, communication, and sensory needs so that we can best support you as an organization and within a group setting. 


There is ZERO tolerance for racism, micro-aggressions, verbal threats, bullying, sexual harassment, relational aggression, intimidation, and violence. When the principles outlined in our Belonging Statement are not respected, we will take appropriate action to address the situation. Consequences may vary depending on the severity of the violation and could include, but are not limited to, educational interventions, warnings, temporary suspension from the program, or, in extreme cases, permanent removal. These consequences are implemented with the aim of maintaining a safe and inclusive environment for all participants.


Accountability is a vital aspect of our commitment to belonging. We hold ourselves accountable to the principles outlined in our statement, and we expect the same from our program participants. If a participant engages in behavior that contradicts our values, we will hold them accountable through open and respectful communication. This includes providing feedback, engaging in dialogue to foster understanding, and encouraging personal growth and change. Accountability measures will be implemented consistently, fairly, and transparently, guided by our commitment to justice and equity.

Restoring Justice

We believe in the importance of restorative justice as a means of addressing harm and facilitating healing within our community. When incidents occur, we are dedicated to creating a restorative process that encourages dialogue, understanding, and repair. This may involve facilitated discussions, mediation, or other appropriate interventions aimed at repairing the harm caused, rebuilding trust, and supporting the well-being of those affected. Our goal is to create opportunities for learning, growth, and reconciliation, promoting a stronger and more inclusive community for all.

Please note, the NWAGG Belonging Statement is a working, living document and process. As NWAGG continues to learn from shared experiences with ourselves and our community, the Belonging Statement is subject to evolving.