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SPOONMOON | A cosmic community.

"We are fitness professionals, nutrition experts and spirit guides offering a variety of wellness programming, including HIGH TIDE |high intensity| and LOW TIDE |low intensity| fitness classes, such as cycle, TRX, HIIT, yoga, and meditation. Reiki, nutritional therapy, massage, infrared sauna and other treatments are also available within our aura. SpoonMoon was born out of a desire to unite our Founder + Chief Alchemist’s, Kim Evans’, passions // Fitness + Wellness. She saw the space and need to marry physical movement for the body and preventative well care for the soul. SpoonMoon is more than a challenging workout; it provides a safe haven to explore wellness offerings that may feel unfamiliar."


SpoonMoon is a safe haven for all individuals to be curious about unfamiliar wellness and fitness practices.  SpoonMoon prioritizes the need of individuality within a practice and encourages our guests to express their needs.  All fitness levels and wellness knowledge are welcomed.

HIGH TIDE ( high intensity interval )

REVOLVE // cycle // Step into an unforgettable ambiance of bass pumping music in an intentionally lit space and lights dancing. Our trained Big Spoons will lead you through an exhilarating ride that unlocks new potential through high-intensity cardio mixed with strength moves all while riding on the beat.  Come with a passion to sweat and leave ready to conquer the rest of your day with a recharged body and mind. You will achieve goals you never thought possible and use minimal SPOONS to cross the finish line |45 minutes|

IGNITE // high intensity interval training // Jump into our flaming union of plyometrics + functional movements + targeted strength work where you’ll be pushed to work to the moon and back. We’ll utilize all our fitness tools and train to the beat to ensure the most efficient strength explosion |45 minutes| * all Ignite classes are functional + a full body experience.

RetroFLOW// cycle restore // Begin the practice with twenty-five minutes of Revolve where energy levels soar to the moon. We glide into restoration for the remaining twenty minutes to ensure harmony within your body + soul. This class allows for a cardio base with a recuperative ending |45 minutes|

RetroHIIT // cycle HIIT // Electric, heart-pumping twenty-five minutes of Revolve paired with twenty minutes of HIIT that will send you to the moon and back. It will rock your galaxy in all the best ways and ultimately push your SPOON limits |45 minutes|

CONNECT // mom + baby // Bond with your baby |eight weeks- nine months| while using him/her as a weighted prop for cardio + strength building. Lunges, squats, arms, core all while connecting with your baby. We’ll finish our time with baby massage to share warmth, love and gratitude for your Littlest Spoon’s hard work |45 minutes|*will be available once Covid19 protocols are lifted

GRAVITY // trx // Feed off the electric vibes in our high intensity TRX |Total Resistance eXercises| suspension training format. Full body balance, strength, and positivity are all requirements as you utilize your skills on the TRX straps suspended from our ceiling dipping into your SPOON stores only as needed |45 minutes| *all Gravity classes are functional + a full body experience

RetroMIND // cycle meditation // Intense, ultimate rush of yin and yang that is twenty-five minutes of Revolve and twenty minutes of meditation. This is the balance and offering that SpoonMoon is built on and provides a maximum SPOON conservation |45 minutes|

LOW TIDE  ( low intensity interval )

CRESCENT // yoga // Ground yourself in the alchemy of effort and complete surrender by learning to stabilize your body through a blend of yoga sculpt |may utilize the TRX strap| rounded out with restoration |may use foam roller for myofascia release| Dive deeper with essential oil blends and intentionally curated playlists to create a celestial playground for centering the mind and body |45 minutes|

RECHARGE // meditation // Mindfully invite positive energies into your soul as you give yourself space to meditate. Ease through guided |occasionally silent| meditation with grace in our dimly lit sanctuary. The sounds of the room will encourage pure harmony within the body and soul. Prepare to manifest your peace, harness your power, and retrieve lost SPOONS |15 minutes|

BALANCE // energetic movement // Join the power of subtle breath + steady movement to allow the universal flow of energy cascade through your practice of qigong |pronounced CHEE’-gong| Utilizing sequenced movements, this Eastern modality is popularly referred to as Chinese yoga. Eliminate deficiency and stagnation within the energetic pathways while it creating a better relationship to self, increasing efficiency, + maximizing potential |45 minutes|


INFRARED SAUNA // our canvas tent style near infrared sauna is made from solid, untreated basswood, stainless steel, and unvarnished bamboo. Experience the full spectrum of healing and detox through therapeutic grade near infrared mitochondrial stimulation. Health benefits include stress and fatigue reduction, increase blood circulation, release toxins, reduce muscle aches and joint pain, immune system support, heart health, increased metabolism, and reduced appearance of cellulite.

We recommend you carve out fifteen to thirty minutes to sit in peace or with a friend to catch up to receive the full benefits. Suggested attire is shorts for our male guests and a sports bra top and shorts for our female guests, allowing skin to be exposed but still respectable. We provide towels and showers onsite to utilize after, if needed. Infrared sauna use is a complimentary service to our SilverSpoon and Unlimited contract guests.

REIKI // |pronounced RAY’ki|is a Japanese technique of non-physical healing energy made up of life force energy that is guided by the Higher Intelligence, or spiritually guided life force energy in which the provider simply lays their hands above or on you. When life force energy is low, we see illness, stress, or exhaustion; when high, we are capable of being happy and healthy. Reiki treats the whole person including body, emotions, mind, and spirit. As Reiki flows through a sick or unhealthy area, it breaks up and washes away any negative thoughts or feelings lodged in the unconscious mind/body, thus allowing a normal healthy flow of energy to resume. As this happens, the unhealthy physical organs and tissues become properly nourished with energy and begin functioning in a balanced healthy way thus replacing illness with health. This non-invasive healing technique is becoming more and more popular are an alternative healing therapy.

NUTRITIONAL CONCIERGE // our team of nutritional support concierge is here to assist and guide you in the most effective method determined by you. Whether it’s a buddy at the grocery store to walk you through swaps, a new health diagnosis requiring a change in diet, or deciphering a genetic test for best food options we’re here to offer a safe space to learn. SpoonMoon nutritional support staff have a strong belief in the power of food and its ability to heal. We don’t support one style of elimination eating over another, but we will help to educate you about the benefits of each for you to choose; empowering you to take charge of your health.

We host a functional nutritional therapy practitioner, Toni Fairman, to help them choose the very best paths for their physical, mental, behavioral, and emotional wellbeing. She is also a a certified GAPS™ Practitioner, which allows her to help clients with digestive and related issues through this gut-healing approach. Toni combines her deep knowledge of nutrition with guidance through emotional healing to create a complete path to wellness for her clients. Born and raised in Northwest Arkansas, she currently resides in San Diego and makes frequent trips to our area. She is available in person or via tele-med.

MASSAGE // SpoonMoon offers a combination of therapeutic massage modalities to lower stress, boost energy, increase blood circulation, and improve athletic performance. Therapeutic massage uses varying pressure and exfoliation for relaxation. Our therapist uses their intuition to guide them as they determine what your body needs. Massage can be schedule in thirty or sixty minute increments. Plan to drink plenty of water and rest afterwards. Best results occur with multiple sessions.

MLD |Manual Lymphatic Drainage // MLD treatment works to manually pump the lymph fluid from becoming stagnant in undesired locations in the body. The lymphatic system often requires stimulation to detoxify and this will help. Reductions in inflammation, cellulite, and edema may result. This session is 90- 120 minutes in length and customized to each guest. Best results occur with multiple sessions.


Happenings are SpoonMoon’s community building get togethers! They are structured a few different ways to cover different subjects and how deeply we engage.

GATHERING // Various wellness topics such as the moon, herbs, nutrition, etc. |1 day, 2-4 hours in length|

INTENSIVE // Physical body learning event that may include movement and deeper understanding of fitness |1 day, 2-4 hours in length|

WEEKEND WORKSHOP // Enables a more intimate, comprehensive dive into various topics |2-3 day weekend|

CIRCLE // Engage in multi-faceted topics to fully immerse yourself in an environment of connection + knowledge |6-12 weeks|

You can also take advantage digital and virtual content!

SPOONMOON Founder, Kim Evans

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