TAP TRUCK OZARKS | Tap Truck Ozarks is Arkansas’ newest (and oldest) mobile beverage service. Those three words completely describe what we’re all about. Mobile. Beverage. Service. We love cool cars. We love local craft beer (and other beverages too). And we love serving you!

We are committed to providing you with the most memorable experience your event is missing!

As a venturesome, and frequently spontaneous go-getter, Tap Truck Ozarks owner Daniela is persistently seeking new opportunities and adventures. She finds joy and fulfillment in serving others, her country, and most of all – her family. As a result – and often with some ironic plot twists – her networking skills recently led her to the discovery of the Tap Truck business, and her newfound passion as a small business owner. Coincidentally, it was Daniela’s networking and profound social skills which guided her to establishing Tap Truck Ozarks, and it all began with a simple Instagram post and a desire to once again do more, and chase a dream.

After nearly 14 years of military service in the Air Force, Daniela and her husband relocated to Fort Smith, Arkansas in 2015, where they both are still serving in the Arkansas Air National Guard and have a spunky, daring six-year-old daughter, Miss Kenzie. Residing in the River Valley area, Daniela and her family have since fallen in love with the captivating beauty of the Natural State, and the genuine kindness and southern charm of the people around them – primarily within their military family.

As military service members, they are familiar with consistently changing career-fields, expectations, and challenges of which they always overcome with unwavering resilience. As a result, Daniela and her family enjoy the mingling, interactions, and traveling opportunities which the Tap Truck Ozarks business now provides. They recently hurdled an overwhelming obstacle as they lost their home in a fire, but persevered and have found they now appreciate the small things life offers a little more, to include their beautiful daughter’s unpredictable and bubbly personality.

Kenzie constantly surprises her parents with her spiritedness, hilarity, and enduring love of being outdoors. Their property is always graced with ducks and chickens, which provide Kenzie with endless fun and responsibility as she collects eggs, and helps her dad look after them. She is the epitome of creativity and perpetually keeps everyone around her on their toes in anticipation of what she will do next – not unlike Daniela.

Their family finds purpose in giving back to their community, state, and country, and would be thrilled to help bring a little extra Ozark spice to your event. Tap Truck Ozarks is just another means of getting involved and allows them to share their outgoing, diverse personalities, and love of service with you!

A note from Daniela: My story with Tap Truck starts with a Tap Truck Nashville t-shirt.  The Bowser family has been our friends for over ten years and I’m an avid follower of their social media.  Not only are they one of the most beautiful families I know, Sean and Kay are very artistic, and I love seeing their projects and interior decorating skills.  In April of this year, I saw a picture of Sean in his blue Tap Truck Nashville shirt and slides in front of his truck, and I sent them an Instagram message to inquire about one for myself.  We ended up on the phone, Sean and Kay started raving about Tap Truck and the journey they are going through, and the pipe dream began!  After three weeks of daydreaming, I fearlessly texted Corbin, owner and co-founder of Tap Truck USA, which led to a phone call for me to hear him call me “dear” in his laid-back, brotherly voice.  Corbin spoke to me as if I was already a new member of the family and here I am now, a part of the Tap Truck  family.  Well, a simple Tap Truck Nashville t-shirt is what started my “ride” with Tap Truck, and the rest is history!

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