TRAILSIDE COFFEE | "I worked at shops here in NWA, Colorado, and California and over 13 years, became really great at being a barista. When I came back home, I started to really get serious about opening my own shop. I started hearing about my hometown (Springdale) getting a makeover, so to say. The revitalization of downtown Springdale was about to happen. I sat in on some of the meetings with Mayor Doug Sprouse to see if this was in fact true. It was, and Phat Tire Bike Shop was going to be a part of it. I decided to meet with one of the owners of Phat Tire and pitched him my idea of having the coffee shop inside his bike shop. Lucky for me, he loved the idea!" - Katie from Trailside

"I had a couple other jobs while I started to write my business plan. I knew my plan had to be a REALLY good one because well, I was broke.

I had nothing to show for besides a PT Cruiser at the time. I spent months on my business plan, it was one of the hardest things I have done. I presented it to multiple banks and got shut down every time because of the lack of capital, even with the help of my parents.

I finally got word of this non-profit called @forgefund. They had enough faith in me to give me the loan I needed to make my dream come true." - Katie

At Trailside Coffee Company, we serve locally roasted beans as well as beans roasted from different parts of the U.S. We specialize in supporting our local community by serving local beans from Mountain Bird Coffee & Tea, Joyhouse Coffee Co., & occasionally Airship Coffee. We carry locally baked goods from Ms’s B’s Sweets and local Chocolate syrup from Kyya. We also serve homemade ice cream, fresh cold brew, Italian sodas, teas, smoothies, and local beer!

Trailside is a proud sponsor for NWA Girl Gang and NWA Girl Gang Market.

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